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Yeah, i felt that there should have been more episodes too. So Steins;Gate is really good?


Why is the anime adaptation if Chaos;Head terrible? I've never played the game so I was just wondering if you could explain that to me. But I did finish watching Chaos;Head, I thought it was pretty cool

The concept is interesting, so that’s also a positive point for the anime, but since it only had 12 episodes, a lot of people felt that the plot was rushed and the story not well-constructed in comparison to the actual game.
People say that it probably would have been a lot better if they made it 24 episodes instead.

I don’t know if it’s because of that incidence, but the Steins;Gate anime released after that consists of 24(+α) episodes as well as a movie, and that’s considered to be a masterpiece.

you seem to know a lot about chaos;head so i thought i'd ask a couple of questions. I just started watching chaos;head but i found out that there are more like it like steins;gate and robotics;notes and occultic;nine. so my questions are: 1. are any of these connected to each other in any way? and 2. is there an anime adaption of occultic;nine?

-Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate, and Robotics;Notes are not directly connected, but take place in the same world (Steins;Gate takes place maybe a year or two after Chaos;Head, and Robotics;Notes is nine years after Steins;Gate). Although the main characters are different each time, some characters from previous series make a reappearance. The recently-announced Chaos;Child, however, is expected to be a direct sequel of Chaos;Head, even though not much about it is known yet.

-Not much is currently known about Occultic;Nine either, other than the characters, and unlike the previous three, it’s expected to be a novel rather than a game. The books haven’t been released yet, and there is currently no anime adaptation of it.
Although Occultic;Nine is produced by the same person who produced the games (Chiyomaru Shikura) and is stylized similar to the other games, Chaos;Child is expected to be the “fourth one” in the overall series rather than Occultic;Nine.

Also Chaos;Head is a great game but the anime adaptation is terrible so be careful



is that really what your sidebar translates to

Yes. Although the Motototo language is a simple form of communication, consisting only of “Mo” and “to,” its simplicity is also what makes it complex. It may look as if the language is composed of two types of alphabets, but in reality, there is only one: “Mo” is the capital case letter and “to” is the lower case letter.

Changing the number of tos can completely change the meaning of a sentence, but it is amazing that almost anything can be represented by the “Motototo…” sequence of the Motototo language.

🐮Mo O O


落 雷 フ リ ー ズ

Side note: Little Busters was made before Angel Beats